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Cantaloupe Interim Management is fortunate to have the opportunity to collaborate successfully and in an enriching way on an interpersonal level with an extensive network of experienced HR Interim Managers. “Cantaloupe Informs!” reflects this collaboration: in addition to our own news items, you can also read the contributions of our freelance HR experts. Their topics not only deal with specific HR issues, but also with current societal developments.


5 Facts about your New Hire – Katherina Swings

30 October 2019

Are you a recruiter in despair? Are you a manager looking in vain for suitable employees? Katherina Swings brings us good news from the “War for Talent” front! Read in “5 Facts about your New Hire” in which often overlooked ponds, fishing for talent can yield beautiful results.

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Kan HR het verschil maken bij Fusies & Overnames? – Greta Janssens

21 October 2019

Greta Janssens notes that there is a positive trend towards involving HR in change processes such as takeovers and mergers. In her article, however, she argues in favour of giving HR a role in the change process much earlier, with a different focus than is the case today. After all, the chances of success of mergers and acquisitions are significantly higher if HR is able to play its role as a Strategic Partner right from the start.

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10 relevant Labour Relations issues in a European Transnational Restructering – André Declerck

08 September 2019

André Declerck has written an instructive article in which he offers the HR community insight and advice on how to manage a European transnational restructuring from a Labour Relations perspective. An issue which, given the growing risk of an economic recession, will become more relevant again in the coming period.

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Teamcoaching: wanneer wel of niet? – Phillippe Bailleur/Debbie Baute

19 August 2019

Debbie Baute and Philippe Bailleur, together with Mieke Toppets and Hans Hoegaerts the founders of Progression Designers, note that the interest in team coaching is growing. In their blog you can read when team coaching, next to individual coaching and executive coaching, can be an added value and what the contraindications are.

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The Liquid Enterprise and its Impact on HR – Lieven Lambrecht

08 August 2019

In order to be successful, companies will have to switch in the near future to a new and dynamic people system. Lieven Lambrecht analyses the impact of this development on HR. What would a liquid HR department look like? Will HR also disappear in the human cloud? Discover it in “The Liquid Enterprise and its Impact on HR”…

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