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Cantaloupe Interim Management is fortunate to have the opportunity to collaborate successfully and in an enriching way on an interpersonal level with an extensive network of experienced HR Interim Managers. “Cantaloupe Informs!” reflects this collaboration: in addition to our own news items, you can also read the contributions of our freelance HR experts. Their topics not only deal with specific HR issues, but also with current societal developments.


At the director’s table – organizational change regularly sucks – Hans Cockx

19 June 2022

Organizational change is hard work, there is a lot of uncertainty about what works and what not, hard evidence to prove the right way is often more about the right convincing story than objective scientific support. Following (some of) the recommendations outlined in Hans Cockx‘s “At the director’s table – organizational change regulary sucks”, will help you to avoid the usual pitfalls, to make real progress and you will be prouder of the things you have conducted.

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The Great Resignation: 6 perspectieven – Philippe Bailleur

15 June 2022

The fact that more and more employees seem to be turning their backs on the labour market is a subject that has been drawing Philippe Bailleur‘s attention for some time. “The Great Resignation: 6 perspectives” is an enlightening exercise in perspective agility in which Philippe examines this topic from different angles.

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Systemisch werk in bedrijven. Wat is het en wat kan je ermee? – Lieve Picard

20 March 2022

Systemic work is a relatively young psychoanalytic method based on the work of the German psychotherapist Bert Hellinger. Gradually, Flanders also seems to be opening up to it. In “Systemisch werk in bedrijven. Wat is het en wat kan je er mee?” Lieve Picard of Human Architects explains the basic principles and possible applications of systemic work in companies.

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There is no finish line – Koen De Marteau

19 March 2022

As a consultant actively supporting companies in their transformation steps, Koen De Marteau often finds that certain leaders  still see transformation as a project. Something with an upfront defined end date and a finish line. In his article he shares with us his convinction that transformation knows no finish line and that as a consequence the status quo continuously should be challenged. In this transformation journey HR is the running partner of choice to deliver the required trust and guidance in making (difficult) choices, learning from failures and growing from successes.

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Bouwstenen voor meer Eigenaarschap – Stijn Van Peteghem

06 March 2022

With the new way of working/hybrid working, the importance of ownership becomes more and more apparent. Team members are now expected to take responsibility, take initiative and act proactively. In practice, however, taking ownership is less obvious. In “Bouwstenen voor meer Eigenaarschap”, Stijn Van Peteghem points out  clearly what managers can do to stimulate ownership among their team members.

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