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Cantaloupe Interim Management is fortunate to have the opportunity to collaborate successfully and in an enriching way on an interpersonal level with an extensive network of experienced HR Interim Managers. “Cantaloupe Informs!” reflects this collaboration: in addition to our own news items, you can also read the contributions of our freelance HR experts. Their topics not only deal with specific HR issues, but also with current societal developments.


DEI als democratiseringsproces waarbij rechten hersteld worden – Latifa Matheeussen

18 April 2023

In “DEI als democratiseringsproces waarbij rechten hersteld worden”, Latifa Matheeussen argues that “value-added creation” is often taken as the starting point/motivation for a Diversity, Equity & Inclusion policy. This leads to DEI not always being as genuine and authentic as it should be. After all, DEI is not about achieving value creation but rather a democratisation process where rights are restored.

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Het leven zoals het is…op kantoor 2.0 – Hervé Heesterbeek

14 April 2023

The Corona pandemic was partly at the root of one of the most profound work revolutions of recent decades. In “Het leven zoals het is…op kantoor 2.0”, Hervé Heesterbeek argues that when organising hybrid working, we should not only focus on employees who like to work from home, but also on those who like to come to the office for (several) days. Indeed, when focusing fully on employee wellbeing, both a sound home-working policy and a work-friendly office environment are essential.

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Levenslang Leren als prikkelend refrein – Christa Van Oostende

26 February 2023

In the thoroughly elaborated “Levenslang Leren als een prikkelend refrein”, Christa Van Oostende argues for an honest, pluralistic approach to lifelong learning. Of course, this goes beyond slogans, politicised framing, and statistics stripped out of context. She plays with misplaced war rhetoric one last time. Undoubtedly, after reading this article, you will forever exchange the ‘War for Talent’ chants for tantalising refrains of lifelong learning.

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Bemiddeling in arbeidsconflicten, onbekend of onbemind? – Leen Van den Abeele

13 December 2022

Labour conflicts cost money, they entail tangible and intangible costs and have an impact on those directly involved, the organisation and society. Nevertheless, Leen Van den Abeele notes in “Bemiddeling in arbeidsconflicten, onbekend of onbemind?” that there is little recourse to professionals such as recognised mediators in social affairs to prevent or, if necessary, defuse labour conflicts. With her article, Leen aims to highlight “mediation in employment context”. Indeed, expert mediation can play both a curative and a preventive role, giving the employer the opportunity to work on the “conflict resilience” and “conflict skills” of employees and the company as a whole.

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Let’s get rid of HR in 2023 – Katherina Swings

11 December 2022

Katherina Swings pleads to get rid of HR, meaning to transform Human Resources into People & Culture. She distills 3 common grounds that mark the many emerging/current initiatives to add heart and soul to companies and support the idea of People and Culture. “Let’s get rid of HR in 2023” is above all a call to think about what our contribution will be to realise the transformation from HR to People & Culture.

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