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Cantaloupe Interim Management is fortunate to have the opportunity to collaborate successfully and in an enriching way on an interpersonal level with an extensive network of experienced HR Interim Managers. “Cantaloupe Informs!” reflects this collaboration: in addition to our own news items, you can also read the contributions of our freelance HR experts. Their topics not only deal with specific HR issues, but also with current societal developments.


Bouwstenen voor meer Eigenaarschap – Stijn Van Peteghem

06 March 2022

With the new way of working/hybrid working, the importance of ownership becomes more and more apparent. Team members are now expected to take responsibility, take initiative and act proactively. In practice, however, taking ownership is less obvious. In “Bouwstenen voor meer Eigenaarschap”, Stijn Van Peteghem points out  clearly what managers can do to stimulate ownership among their team members.

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Sense of Belonging – Ruth Verlinden

12 December 2021

Recently Ruth Verlinden made a connection between “sense of belonging” and “change”. She realised that on the one hand bringing change is only possible by being different enough and seeing things through a different lens. By belonging enough, on the other hand, you can understand where the teams comes from, what they need to be able to transform, what is unique and should uniquely stay the same. In “Sense of Belonging”, Ruth expands on this intriguing perspective.

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Thrive in your greatest strenghts and realise the positive impact you can make! – Inge Hermans

05 December 2021

Doing the Strenghtsfinder assessment was a game changer for Inge Hermans. As a certified Gallup Coach she has experienced for herself and witnessed for many coachees the power of knowing our strenghts to put us on the best path forward. With her article she wants to share the sense of clarity and focus this brings.

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Oplossingsgericht Werken in Organisaties – Natalie Neyt

05 December 2021

Looking for the cause of a problem is no guarantee of a quick solution. In “Solution-focused Working in Organisations”, Natalie Neyt gives us a clear presentation of a methodology that focuses on what works and what is workable for the individual, team or organisation and that lays a solid foundation for a safe and open working environment where everyone can be themselves.

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Back2Office. Oude gewoontes of nieuwe start? – Leen Van den Abeele and Reinhilde Christis

29 June 2021

Conflicts that were slumbering or openly manifested before COVID-19 can flare up quickly and in full force when returning to the workplace, with a damaging impact on the functioning of teams and departments. Now that we can leave the home-office quarantine behind us, Leen Van den Abeele and Reinhilde Christis give us some tips on how to avoid relapsing into some old habits. They advocate tackling team conflicts through open communication, mutual understanding and recognition. If conflicts cannot be solved internally, they recommend using an external social mediator as an alternative.

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