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In recent years, HR has seen a strong expansion of its specialisms. This leads to a proliferation of job titles formulated in jargon that is difficult for outsiders to understand. Cantaloupe uses some 30 categories to house the freelance HR profiles of its network. However, experience has taught us that we can divide the freelance HR population into four basic categories: HR Leaders, HR Generalists, HR Specialists and HR Project Managers.

HR Leaders

HR Leaders

An HR Leader is responsible for the company’s human resources activities and ensures that they are compliant with both the company policy and the prevailing legislation. Freelance HR Leaders are often called in during a transition period in order to guarantee the continuity of the HR activities or when a company needs to be steered through a thorough transformation.  They are the driving force behind the installation of a company culture and the development and implementation of programmes that bring the well-being and motivation of the employees to an optimal level. In order to achieve this broad Human Resources policy at strategic and operational level, they manage a multifunctional HR-team and act as a priviliged discussion partner at senior management and director level.

HR Generalisten

HR Generalists

Freelance HR Generalists have gained a broad knowledge in various aspects of HR, such as talent management, remuneration, employee relations, etc. They are great multitaskers and can be used for a wide variety of HR activities. Usually they have built up a solid people management experience and have already worked with different kinds of business units, which makes them quickly fully operational as a generalistic HR Manager or HR Business Partner.

HR Specialisten

HR Specialists

Companies call on freelance HR Specialists because of their up-to-date expertise in specific (sub)segments of the HR domain, such as Reward Optimization, HR Information Systems, IT recruitment, Payroll Outsourcing, … Moreover, a company often needs this specific expertise for a definite period of time, which makes the use of a flexible specialist an even more appropriate option. Freelance HR Specialists show great self-discipline and accuracy, enabling them to achieve specific objectives within strict deadlines.


HR Project Managers

The importance of project-based work is increasing significantly within HR and so is the demand for freelance project managers. Freelance HR Project Managers, or Program Managers in case multiple HR projects have to be managed, combine their training and rich experience in project management methodology with a thorough knowledge of the specific project related HR domain. As they have gained their extensive project management experience in various companies/sectors, they are also efficient in their stakeholder management as well as in following up, motivating and managing the employees who are part of the project team.

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