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Cantaloupe Interim Management is fortunate to have the opportunity to collaborate successfully and in an enriching way on an interpersonal level with an extensive network of experienced HR Interim Managers. “Cantaloupe Informs!” reflects this collaboration: in addition to our own news items, you can also read the contributions of our freelance HR experts. Their topics not only deal with specific HR issues, but also with current societal developments.


Navigating Change: The Crucial Role of Communication and Leadership – Martine Van Driessche

25 September 2023

Change communication, a subset of strategic internal communication, is crucial as it focuses on rallying employees during change. Over the past 2 decades, Martine Van Driessche has experienced some key principles related to leadership to be game changers, such as “Acknowledge the timing and how each phase requires a different communication ‘sauce'” and “Change without supporting people managers is doomed to fail”.

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A.L.L.E.S. Als kapstok voor een gezonde levensstijl en best handig om je people-beleid aan op te hangen – Silvia Brouwers

22 September 2023

Silvia Brouwers wants to encourage companies to include A.L.L.E.S., a basic principle of Eetxepert, in their people policy. A.L.L.E.S. stands for Afwisselend eten, Leuk bewegen, Lief zijn voor jezelf, Emoties hanteren, Slapen. In her article, she shares 7 tips that contribute to a healthy lifestyle, ensure a lot of energy and workdays with less stress.

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“The organization is, above all, social. It is people.”

Peter Drucker

Customer experience en rekrutering: de recruiter als sleutelpersoon voor een sterk employer brand! – Wim Verlinden

08 September 2023

Wim Verlinden observes that many employers and recruitment partners still do not put enough effort into optimising their recruitment process. In “Customer experience en rekrutering: de recruiter als sleutelpersoon voor een sterk employer brand!” he highlights the crucial role of the recruiter for a successful candidate journey, points out points of interest and discusses 11 tools for implementing a sukesful candidate journey in practice.

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Innovatief verlonen dmv een billijke en rechtvaardige variabele verloning: een praktijkoefening – Jo Vandenbossche

18 April 2023

When one thinks of “innovative remuneration”, one quickly thinks of all kinds of interesting things that can be offered to employees, where the difference between gross and net is as small as possible. In her article, Jo Vandenbossche discusses a practical exercise in “innovative remuneration” in which an additional variable remuneration system is linked to individual and collective objectives, with the aim of setting up a fair and equitable construction as an important objective.

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DEI als democratiseringsproces waarbij rechten hersteld worden – Latifa Matheeussen

18 April 2023

In “DEI als democratiseringsproces waarbij rechten hersteld worden”, Latifa Matheeussen argues that “value-added creation” is often taken as the starting point/motivation for a Diversity, Equity & Inclusion policy. This leads to DEI not always being as genuine and authentic as it should be. After all, DEI is not about achieving value creation but rather a democratisation process where rights are restored.

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