Cantaloupe Interim Management

Interim Management Agency
exclusively focused on
Human Resources


Cantaloupe: specific expertise in HR Interim Management

  • We have a network of +2000 HR Interim Managers/Freelancers, expertly classified under 30 specific competence profiles.

  • We interview all the selected HR Interim Managers/Freelancers in person. References and track records are always checked.

  • Within 72 hours, we introduce available HR Professionals to you who meet your specific criteria, both in terms of expertise and personality.

  • The daily fee for the services provided is correct, competitive and  is discussed openly with both the client and the interim manager/freelancer.

Cantaloupe Informs!

HR Interim Managers/Freelancers have a lot to say. Through “Cantaloupe Informs” they are happy to share their opinion and expertise on current HR topics with you.

Aan de Slag met Slachtoffergedrag


Philippe Bailleur and Mieke Toppets, co-founders of Progression Designers, note that victim behaviour is a phenomenon that organisations often have to deal with. The following questions led them to write this blog: “How can you see the difference between legitimate victim behaviour – to which recognition and care is the most appropriate answer – and victim behaviour that has evolved into a negative pattern from which no one or nothing does benefit? And what is the most appropriate course of action?” Read more

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